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The housewife must know 10 home cleaning tips

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1, how to deal with waste oil The average family in the treatment of fried things finished oil, often a headache. Direct dumping in the sink, fear will cause water pollution, if poured into the plastic bag, the bag broke would worry about leaks.

1, how to deal with waste oil
The average family in the treatment of fried things finished oil, often is a headache. Direct dumping in the sink, fear will cause water pollution, if poured into the plastic bag, the bag broke would worry about leaks.
In fact, can use the empty milk cartons, inside the plug on the newspaper, and then poured into the waste oil. Because the newspaper will absorb the oil, and the inside of the milk box after processing, can prevent the outflow of liquid, so you can safely throw into the trash.
2, the newspaper to help clean the trash
The kitchen trash often equipped with wet garbage,  if there are holes, isn't only dripping trash everywhere, but also make the trash filled with stench.
Usually in the garbage bag before, you can first pad on the bottom of the trash can be a few thick newspapers, not only can absorb water, keep dry, but also can prevent the stench of garbage.
3, desiccant do not arbitrarily discarded
Desiccant is a common object in life, it is the main ingredient of raw lime, before the use of granular, absorbing the moisture in the air, it will slowly become the powder of lime. Hydrated lime has a characteristic, when it absorbs water quickly, it will produce high fever.
So discard the desiccant, if you accidentally put it and a bag of wet garbage, it may be due to the moisture content and breeding risk. Therefore, to avoid a large number of desiccant discarded, or completely and moisture isolation, is the best way to deal with. In case of non discarding lots can not be the case, must be closely packed with plastic bag can be thrown into the trash.
4, hazardous waste treatment method
The old kitchen knife, broken glass, and the needle tip barbecue chopsticks and other hazardous waste, is normally easy to see. Discard before, first through the "packaging", broken glass, old kitchen knife can be used old newspaper package, reload empty boxes, and the words to pen injection of dangerous on the tip part of bamboo bamboo chopsticks to tip the first break, and then wrapped up in newspapers, or in an empty tank is sealed, this method is also suitable for needle.
5, garbage odor treatment method
Odor is the biggest trouble caused by garbage, if you want to investigate the source of food, especially fresh category. So when cooking this type of food, pay special attention to the treatment of water.
A thick newspaper prepared in advance, and then to discard bones, bones and other slag on the newspaper, the blood can absorb the stench, also can prevent the risk of injury spikes.
Cut fruit, picking leaves, water could make good use of the newspaper, the peel, residue placed directly in the newspaper, then he wrapped up, which is convenient, clean and avoid mosquitoes.
In the fresh, peel and residue of food, try to avoid mixing concentrated costumes, and other non perishable waste paper, and preferably with treatment, or at any time to seal the bag, so as to avoid overflowing odor.
Before the garbage bag is sheathed in the cylinder, can in the trash at the bottom covered with a layer of thick newspaper, when the food residue juice leakage will be quickly absorbed, no residual juice retention, nature is not easy smelly trash.
6, in addition to bed dust
Often bed down with dirt, if the brush will make the dust flying around, moving. This not only pollute the indoor air, but also harmful to human health. The old acrylic clothing dry cleaning, dust when need be take it in bed in turn to a direction quickly wipe, due to strong electrostatic adsorption of the dust, will, like a good cleaning effect, saving time and labor. After a few times, it will be washed and dried to reuse, economic benefits.
7, in addition to suede sofa dust
If indoors, can wring dry towel or sofa towel soaked, laying on the sofa, and then stick gently whip, dust can be adsorbed on a wet towel or towel on the sofa.
If no one can clean towel or sofa towel, you can repeat the beat. The other can be moved to an outdoor sofa, suede with a stick tapping, the dust will fall on the couch to play, let the wind blow.
8, wash quilt tips
Wash the quilt augrally. If the quilt with wet water soaked after more than water drained in the basin, the quilt with soap daub (heavy stains wipe some soap), and then gently rub a few, into a transparent plastic bag, tie the bag, put it under the scorching sun exposure for 3 hours, and then take out the washing, will be washed very clean.
This method is only applicable to the white quilt, not suitable for washing flowers or colored quilt cover, to prevent discoloration.
9, clean pillowcase tips
For oil or Hair Coloring agent with head and pillow contact will be attached to the pillowcase, the pillowcase apparent oil. Wash the pillowcase, to add detergent in warm water or hot water, soak into the pillowcase, 2 ~ 3 hours, can be dirt cleaning.
10 cleaning tips, velvet curtains
First washed with water to remove dust, water will squeeze into the net, washing powder solution warm, gently knead and wash, can also use the weak wash washer into the washing machine, the time should not exceed 3 minutes.
With clean water rinse, negative outward, ride in the shade. Dry, flat on the floor, put a piece of wet dry cloth, gently with the iron ironing, ironing immediately after the cloth removed, while hot with a soft brush hair brush brush, make suede restoration.